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Australian Landscape Photography

Art maintains a unique way of transforming an environment, and with Australian landscape photography, you will enjoy a space that connects with you. Before collecting scenery photography, consider a few practical tips, such as purchasing what inspires you about nature. Read more!

Wildlife Photography

Travelling the world for inspiration, Wildlife Photography has undoubtedly become our passion. Our nature photographer Mireille Pizzo has gone on safaris in South Africa to experience The Big Five in nature first-hand. Capturing lions, leopards, and rhinos on tour. Read more! 

Art Photography

At Mireille art gallery, we offer art photography that is as authentic as our resident photographic artist captured every moment on her many trips around the world. Our appreciation for different cultures allows us to visit the most fascinating parts of our planet and capture them in their magnificence. Read more! 


Fine Art Photographer

Utilising a fine art photographer for your next photoshoot will transform it from good to unforgettable. Depending on what it is you're taking the shots for, you may want to get a certain emotion, message, or idea across. Read more! 


Photography Prints

Photography prints can completely transform an environment by bringing a once dull spot to life. Photography wall art enables you to show your creativity, personality, culture, and even philosophical views. Read more!


Contemporary Photography

Contemporary photography describes the form that this mode of expression is in currently. In its evolution and diversification of style, photography has progressed and broadened its scope from classic - within a rigid framework, to innovative, allowing more room for creativity. Read more! 


Portrait Photography

Art takes on many forms, and within the photography space, portrait photography is one way artists express their passion for the craft. At Mireille Art Gallery, the portraits that make up the ‘people’ collection puts the focus on individuals whose character depicts. Read more!


Black And White Photography Prints 

The world is brimming with beauty and wonder, whether in the landscape or the faces of ordinary people. Our artistic collections reflect this grandeur, everyday beauty, and miniature marvels through images of wildlife and the natural world, the peculiarities of urban life and the perfect imperfection. Read more!


Macro Photography

We often appreciate the world’s obvious beauty but overlook the complex, elaborate and intriguing microcosm comprised of our smallest citizens – insects, for example. Our artist has perfectly captured some of the infinite variety of this universe in our exquisite macro photography prints. Read more!