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Wildlife Photography

What You Should Know About Our Wildlife Photography

Travelling the world for inspiration, Wildlife Photography has undoubtedly become our passion. Our nature photographer Mireille Pizzo has gone on safaris in South Africa to experience The Big Five in nature first-hand. Capturing lions, leopards, and rhinos on tour, she has brought their beauty to our shores through her artistic wildlife photography skills. Aside from massive mammals, she has also aimed some of her focus at the little things such as tiny birds, and you’ll find some rather fascinating Australian wildlife photos. No matter your taste and style, Mireille Art Gallery has a suitable print for you.


What You Can Expect From Our Creative Nature Photography

Our photos range from big to small wildlife photo prints and will be an excellent addition to your private home or office. Adding one or more of our nature photography prints to your environment is a secure way to enhance your wellbeing.

  • Bring colour into your environment with ‘Coy Lorikeet’. This photograph shows a rainbow-coloured lorikeet on a thin tree branch with the green scenery fading into the background. This lorikeet investigates the photographer’s lens as if knowing where its beauty will end up.
  • Chasing the waves in the Mediterranean Sea depicted in ‘Joyride’, these dolphins make life seem thrilling and joyful. Beautiful art has a way of showing people how to enjoy life, and this artwork is for those who have grasped it. The blues and white-water splash of the waves perfectly complement the greys of the swimming dolphins.
  • A smiling cat is an odd notion to many, as it’s not something that's supposed to happen. Mireille has brilliantly captured content idleness in ‘Lion King’. A male lion 'smiling' into the distance. Not knowing what this magnificent lion is looking at leaves the creative imagination of purity and happiness waiting in the distance, and this lion has discovered it.
  • The ideal opportunity for Australian wildlife photography is ‘Sleepy Koala’, showing a koala nesting against a branch. Innocence radiates through this photograph showing the complete dependency of our wildlife here in Australia.

You can learn much from our art rooms where you can browse in comfort and get a clearer idea of what specific images would look like in your own space.


What Sets Mireille Art Gallery Apart Regarding Wildlife Photography Prints

Setting out to capture the unique creativity, inner peace, and cosmic balance of our natural world, our Australian wildlife photographer, Mireille, has successfully supported Currumbin Wildlife Hospital through charitable donations and creating awareness for the preservation of Queensland's wildlife. Mireille Art Gallery has become an avid advocate for Australian wildlife and aims to assist with the support and preservation of Australia’s the diverse fauna.

  • Caring for Australian Wildlife’ represents a monochrome image of a nurse holding a barn owl. This image was taken before the owls’ treatment; however, you can see the caring hands holding onto the bird, trying to keep it calm and reassuring the animal of safety. Our vet nurses and doctors are the voices of our animals. This image received Highly Commended at The Mono Awards in 2020.
  • Another resident at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is ‘Crimson Rosella.’ A parrot with bright red and purple feathers blended with glossy blacks, greys, and pearly whites. Showing off its extraordinary beauty by relaxing on a branch and doing everything it can, not to blend with its background. This crimson beauty has sufficiently developed its gorgeous colours to show off and not to hide.
  • Monkeys from Ubud’ transport us from our couches to Indonesia and show us the frailness of life. Monkeys properly taking care of their young sparks caring feelings within us. This divine image, captured in black and white, demonstrates to us the apparent innocence and cosmic balance that Mireille searches to capture in her gorgeous photography.


Related Services We Provide To Australian Animal Photography.

In addition to our Australian nature photography, we also have nature photography prints from around the world. Demonstrating genuine love for our planet, we have efficiently captured some uplifting moments for you to enjoy. Landscape photography offers endless décor possibilities.

  • Cappadocia’ is a panoramic shot of Göreme in Cappadocia, Turkey. This beautiful landscape shows hot air balloons setting off into the summer sky over the mountains and rock formations. A vast landscape of browns and greens contrasts with the brilliant reds and yellows of the balloons – a scene of tranquillity and freedom. This image has inspired the name of the collection Dreamland.
  • Watching the sunset with exhausted camels and Bedouin guides in ‘Dusk in Dreamland’, the distance shows the promise of a destination. This image was shot after a camel ride, and it accurately sparks the imagination of a far journey–something out of a fairy-tale.
  • A ‘Fisherman with Lantern’ on the Li-River shows a fisherman using his lantern to fish at night time. A tradition used for centuries in China, fishing with cormorants is today practiced only by a handful men in the remote villages of Guilin. This image is complemented by the blue shaded mountains and peachy sky. It depicts a peaceful river with a local fisherman staring directly at you while bearing his lantern. Going out for the day to make a living never seemed so peaceful.


Why You Should Buy From Mireille Art Gallery

Intentionally trying to capture the beauty of ordinary life and the divinity of nature has come to be one of our goals. Mireille Art Gallery strives to bring moral values such as youthful innocence, unique creativity, genuine love of nature and life, and a sense of balance that brings with it peace and joy back into our existence.

Mireille Pizzo is a talented photographer who moved to Australia in 2002 from her home country in Romania and opened Mireille Art Gallery in 2018. You can find our acclaimed creative art in The Ocean Isles in Main Beach and Rydges Hotel in Coolangatta Airport. We proudly host exclusive auctions to raise funds for Australian wildlife. Being featured in a high-end gallery such as the Agora Gallery in New York catapulted our photographic prints worldwide. We frequently travel and include more possible locations to our unique style. We set no limitations to our creative possibilities.

Our art gallery makes it possible for you to purchase our modern artworks online with Australia-wide free shipping. Artworks come on fine lustre paper, prepared canvas and framed with museum grade glass for adequate protection. We understand that starting a new art collection can be challenging but we are here to assist you with any questions or difficulties.

Why not enhance your environment by starting a diverse art collection at Mireille Art Gallery? Our newly renovated art gallery in Niecon Plaza, Broadbeach, offers you the opportunity to view all of Mireille’s fine art. Contact us today if you have any queries or would like to start placing your orders.

We are looking forward to helping you create an extensive art collection and join our active art community!