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Contemporary Photography

Make Your Next Move Modern, As You Choose Contemporary Photography to Bring Life Your Space

Contemporary photography describes the form that this mode of expression is in currently. In its evolution and diversification of style, photography has progressed and broadened its scope from classic - within a rigid framework, to innovative, allowing more room for creativity. This freedom is what inspires us at Mireille Art Gallery, where we recognise the role that the advancement of technology, such as digital art photography, plays in opening up new ways of capturing the world around us.


What Sets Mireille Art Gallery Apart

No matter what your taste in art is, Mireille Art Gallery has just the piece for you. Our selection of artwork is inspired by the people and places that share our planet, but if you’re looking for something a bit more eccentric, our abstract collection will leave you spoilt for choice.

  • Depending on the colour of the room and furniture you have in the space where you want to hang the artwork, you might prefer a two-toned piece or are inclined to choose art that embraces all the colours of the rainbow. Contrasting colours that accentuate shadows strongly influence our contemporary photography prints to give a 3D look where the colours jump out of the canvas.
  • The play of light in the images creates abstract patterns where, if one were to use their imagination, might see pages of a book in motion or a flickering flame, bringing the photographs to life.
  • Mix and match. Because of the explosion of colours that characterise the photos in this range, you can combine two or three pieces to create a particular atmosphere in a space, whether you’re after a playful or mellow mood.


Why Trust Mireille Art Gallery Regarding Digital Art Photography

You can rely on the digital prints in our collection to escape reality for a moment in time, where you’re transported to scenes of kaleidoscopic colours.

  • Original Experience. Investing in art is rarely done in isolation from other lifestyle choices. As part of the experience of purchasing artwork, we make it eventful by hosting launches whenever we reveal a new collection, an occasion where we can celebrate art.
  • Curated. We arrange our collections attentively to take the viewer on a journey of land and cityscapes, surrealism, and experimentalism.
  • Different size prints for different budgets. Our original photography prints come in sizes from 28cm x 28cm up to 150cm x 150cm, depending on the size wall in your home or office that you want to take to new decorative levels.


About the Owner of Mireille Art Gallery

The collection at Mireille Art Gallery results from what motivates our owner, Mireille as an artist. She has been fine-tuning her skills as a photographer over the years and has found that perfection is an elusive goal. Instead, what she considers to be more meaningful is to capture journeys of discovery and create new ways of photographic expression. The ‘Little Planet’ collection, which uses 360-degree fisheye lens technology, is a testament to this.

For original artwork that both inspires you to stop and appreciate the detail and wonder what opportunities will present themselves next in this form of expression, contact us via email.