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The Artist

Mireille Pizzo

"Photography is very emotive and captivating" - Leonard Joel

"Lighting is effective and creates a dreamy aura" - LensCulture

From the love of nature, people, places

"My work reflects my life philosophy. I try to find and reflect fundamental values that define us as humans: innocence, creativity, inner peace, love, cosmic balance, zen and integration with nature and the world around us.In 2002, I moved to Australia, a new part of the globe from my country of birth, Romania – and a whole world of opportunities was unveiled. I remember stopping in Cairns airport on that very first trip and marveling at the raw yellow-green grass; it looked so vibrant and fresh. Soon, the colorful birds, sunrises and sunsets, and the red earth of the continent made an instant impact. I wanted and still try to share how full of color and diverse nature is in Australia. As a photographer, I aim to keep a fresh perspective, as if I see everything for the first time.Other opportunities for traveling around the world developed, and in 2014 I decided to take up photography as an aspiring artist. In 2016 I had the chance to go on safaris in South Africa and had the first encounter with wild animals in their natural habitat. In 2017 I went to China and was moved by the poetry of Guilin area, with its karst formations and Li river sliding through. I hope that my work can be seen as a discovery course in our world’s natural and man-made wonders. 2019 was the year when I discovered the magic of the unique earth structures found in Turkey, Israel and Jordan. Understanding the geological tension of this land was a turning point in realising that peace and harmony between the nations of the Middle East can only be achieved by a congruent effort."

- Mireille Pizzo

Seeking to give back to the world, Mireille raises funds for Australian wildlife by hosting exclusive auctions. She also has been a part of highbrow gallery openings and aims to use her platform to continue to aid nature. Prints from the Australia collection have been popular with local iconic buildings like The Ocean Isles, Main Beach. More of the artist's work has been acquired by The Rydges Hotel, recently built at the Coollangatta Airport


The African Collection was born in South Africa after travelling through the savannas of the Eastern Cape and the Krugger National Park. After seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, Mireille decided to join conservation programs at home and continuously seeks to support Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in their endeavour to save and preserve Australian wildlife. The hospital cares for approximately 11,000 sick and injured wildlife and is recognised worldwide


Mireille is passionate about all things culture and tradition and in 2017 she set foot to explore the scenery and people in the villages from Guilin area in South China, creating a series of captivating portraits and traditional landscapes. The black and white portraits from this collection have received several high commendations from The Mono Awards 2019. This collection also had Mireille recognised as one of Australasia's top emerging photographers


In July 2018 Mireille’s work was exhibited in New York, following a year of collaboration with Agora Gallery in Chelsea.


 The images captured in the land of Cappadocia between the fairy chimneys and the hot air balloons tug at the heartstrings. They softly bring the attention to the equally beautiful AND tensed structure of Mother Earth, stretching from the Anatolian planes and crossing over the Dead Sea. In a search for the energy that generated the birth of religions and conflict, Mireille discovered and brought to life images of the Earth that is constantly under geo-magnetic pressures, yet it allows for magnificent scenery and life. Dreamland collection is about finding peace and thoughtless awareness in a geologically challenged area.


This 2020 collection for all ages, showcases individual spaces that we see now as being isolated from the rest. We are still united through communication and spirit, but geographically we are separated by the restrictions of a new enemy. By combining professional photography with digital manipulation, Mireille has represented the seclusion we all face today in a joyous, fun and unique way.


The Gallery

Mireille has always dreamed of being an artist and part of realising this dream is opening her own gallery. In October 2018 Mireille Pizzo PhotoArt Gallery opened in Niecon Plaza, Broadbeach. In 2020, the opportunity to occupy a new space in the same plaza was presented. The new gallery was re`1sazbranded and relocated and has now opened it's doors to the public. Get a glimpse of the new art space here.