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Art Photography

For Those With an Appreciation for Creativity, We Have the Perfect Art Photography for You

At Mireille art gallery, we offer art photography that is as authentic as our resident photographic artist captured every moment on her many trips around the world. Our appreciation for different cultures allows us to visit the most fascinating parts of our planet and capture them in their magnificence.


What You Can Expect from Mireille Art Gallery Regarding Art Photography

Our gallery is curated to showcase inspiring images that are selected and presented harmoniously. You will perceive a common thread between the elements that make our world what it is. The artwork we bring you includes:

  • The orient strongly influences our collection, and a recurring theme is how the fishing trade is part of the lives of the community–a community that is often held together by the elderly.
  • Immerse yourself in the moment where the serenity of a sunset or the quietude of dusk captivates your imagination. The landscapes and cityscapes will bring an element of calm to any space where nature in all its glory gives context to human-made things.
  • Wildlife. Our macro artistic photography collection is awe-inspiring in its level of detail. It is a real wonder of technology that we can appreciate the intricate designs of an insect or flower that we couldn’t do with the naked eye. We offer the opportunity of bringing the outdoors in, and whether you have an appreciation for land, sea, or air fauna, we have a piece that you will surely cherish.


When Buying Art Photography, Consider This

When investing in your art piece, the area where you'll display it should ideally complement it or at least emphasise its beauty.

  • Our prices accommodate anyone where we offer the option of different size artistic photo prints depending on the space that you want to bring to life.
  • Existing interior design. To create a balanced look in the area where you want to place the piece, make sure that when you're selecting your art photography prints, you consider the style and colours of the furniture that you have. You have more freedom to choose an image if your furniture has a neutral colour pallet.
  • Lighting. Natural light works well with photographs taken during the day because, in a way, it’s an extension of the light in the piece. Depending on your budget, you may want to consider ceiling or recessed lights because the shadows that they cast enhance black and white photos. Ambient light helps to add depth to a detailed photograph, such as a portrait.


About the Owner of Mireille Art Gallery

Mireille was born in Romania and moved to Australia in 2002, where she was inspired every day by its unique nature. In pursuit of honing her photography skills, she takes every opportunity to travel the world where the subject of her photos has extended from the natural world to capturing diverse landscapes and people in all their pursuits.

Contact us via email for artwork that brings the experience of just how wondrous our world is to your space.