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Macro Photography

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We often appreciate the world’s obvious beauty but overlook the complex, elaborate and intriguing microcosm comprised of our smallest citizens – insects, for example. Our artist has perfectly captured some of the infinite variety of this universe in our exquisite macro photography prints. With their detailed structures and scintillating colours, these little friends are veritable supermodels of the animal world.


A History of Macro Photography

Interest in micro-fauna and flora dates back a long way, with naturalists keeping records by capturing and preserving specimens or with beautiful drawings and detailed notes. Luckily, we no longer need to chloroform and pin these beauties, as technology has moved on since Darwin’s days.

  •   What is it? Macro photography is an image magnified ten times or less. Anything with greater magnification usually requires a microscope. However, the relationship is of note as the latter’s use eventually resulted in what we now know as macro photography.
  •   When did it start? Copying or capturing magnified images was first conceptualised in the late 1700s by scientists using tiny cameras attached to the lenses of microscopes. In the early 1900s photographing life in close detail became more of an art. Famous among its pioneers is F. Percy Smith, who filmed documentaries at high magnification. His first, in 1909, was called ‘To Demonstrate How Spiders Fly’, followed in 1910 by his most famous - the intriguingly named, ‘The Acrobatic Fly’. Nowadays, it’s a popular technique with even amateur photographers able to use and enjoy it.
  •   How did it Work? Curiously, the equipment used is not so different from what we use now. Early on and up until relatively recently, macro photographers used extension tubes and macro bellows to increase the focal distance of lenses to produce magnified images. It was only in 1950 that the development of a lens exclusively offering close focus occurred. These days we have specialised lenses with different focal distances, and conveniently, most modern cameras include a macro setting.


What Sets Us Apart

Our artist – Mireille Pizzo – is a world traveller and passionate nature photographer, with her award-winning collections, exhibited internationally. Our quality prints would add interest, impact and dimension to your home or office spaces. We believe in beautifying your space, but also:

  •   We celebrate the world: Collections aren’t limited to Australia but take you on a journey from Europe to South Africa to China and home. Similarly, we use our macro and wide-angle lenses to reveal the magnificence of life and nature, whether large or tiny.
  •   We care: Our interest in our work goes beyond creating and selling art. We also do our part for conservation by raising funds for Australian wildlife via auctions and supporting Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. Knowing your order contributes to protecting the wild areas and animals displayed in our collections will add to the value of your purchase.
  •   We offer choices: Our photos are printed on quality fine-art lustre paper and are available in four sizes to suit your pocket and your space – 30cm x 30cm, 50 x 50cm and 100cm x 66cm and 150cm x 100cm limited editions. A framed print with frame and museum-quality Ultra view glass is available on request. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee to take some of the stress out of ordering.


About Mireille Art Gallery

Established in 2018, we offer beautiful colour and black and white prints and framed artwork reflecting landscapes – natural and urban, wildlife - in real size and macro, portraits and abstract prints. Our range will suit any home or business space, whether contemporary or traditional and is ideal for website design, especially for nature and wildlife conservation marketing activities.

If you’re ready to see our precious planet close-up, order your macro, nature, or landscape print today. Call or email us to learn more.