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Portrait Photography

Experience the Emotion That Connects Us in Our Portrait Photography Collection

Art takes on many forms, and within the photography space, portrait photography is one way artists express their passion for the craft. At Mireille Art Gallery, the portraits that make up the ‘people’ collection puts the focus on individuals whose character depicts a moment in time where all of their experience comes together in one shot. From the people captured, the viewer can weave together a story about the age, personality, interests, and daily commitments that the ‘Elderly lady in Daxu’ or ‘Fisherman Smoking Pipe’, for example, have.


What Sets Mireille Art Gallery Apart Regarding Lifestyle Portraits

Channel your inner nomad and be transported to another time and place with our portraits. In a fast-paced world, our artwork offers you an escape to a timeless place where you’re immersed in a cultural experience against a backdrop of workspaces and landscapes.

  • As with most portraits, there is a story behind everyone. Owner Mireille shoots all character portrait photography personally, depicting her passion for the different cultures that make up our world.
  • The inspiration for the portraits came from the adventures that Mireille has been on in the Orient. The protagonists in the pieces were photographed within the context of their daily lives.
  • Culture. With every piece, a narrative unfolds where one gets a glimpse of what motivates the individuals captured. Whether it’s making a living from fishing, travelling or pursuing higher ideals such as calligraphy writing and playing an instrument, the scenes in our collection capture the beauty in both necessary tasks and artistic quests.


Tips Regarding Black and White Portrait Photography

Black and white photography makes a bold statement where the lit-up parts of the portrait inform where the viewer should focus. The photographs create an atmosphere where light play communicates the mood of the scene.

  • This element draws the most attention because of the outstanding distinction between the iris and the white of the eye. This detail portrays the character's emotion in the portrait and creates a connection with the viewer because they appear to be looking at you.
  • Contrast. This design feature creates depth in the photo where the facial lines and hair take on a life of their own. Each wrinkle and sunspot are part of the character’s story. Black and white photography also enhances fabrics, and the folds and flow of material transport you into the scene.
  • Black and white portraits have many layers of detail, and another one to appreciate is the characteristic and appearance of different surfaces. In this way, soil, desert sand, and rock formations, for example, create context around the person in the photograph.


About the Owner of Mireille Art Gallery

The human experience inspires lifestyle photographer Mireille, which has led her to different parts of the world to discover how people move through their lives out of necessity or on the quest for self-actualisation.

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