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Photography Prints

Transform your Environment with Photography Prints

Photography prints can completely transform an environment by bringing a once dull spot to life. Photography wall art enables you to show your creativity, personality, culture, and even philosophical views.


A History of Photography Art Prints

The history of photography is fascinating to know if you’re considering an investment in some art pieces. These are some important points in history for photography and artistic association that followed:

  • The first photograph taken was in 1826 by pioneer and French scientist Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. Named 'View from the Window at Le Gras', the photograph was shot at his family's country home from the main home's window, with a courtyard view and associated buildings on the same grounds. The first colour photograph was followed soon after by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1861.
  • The mid-19th century is when both amateur and professional photographic societies developed due to an increasing interest in the collodion process. Certain society groups focused solely on photography, while others focused on its artistic expression. Around this time, journalists saw the value of the art within photography and began to showcase their photographs with an artistic view.
  • In 1926, National Geographic staff photographers Charles Martin and Dr William Longley took the first undersea colour photograph in the waters of the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • As the concept of photography and associated technology developed, so did the creative eye for particular images. The early 1940s saw American photographer Eliot Porter document birds and nature in colour combined with aesthetic and scientific views. The 1970s saw television news take centre stage and photojournalists leaning towards photos of news events and documentation of the social scene.

All these photography milestones have created photography as we know it today, both artistically and conceptually.


Important Things to Know About Photography Wall Art Home Decor

Decorating your home with distinctive, colourful images breathes new life into it in multiple ways. Here are some benefits and points to consider beforehand:

  • When choosing photography works for a specific environment, consider if the context of the image blends with the concept of the room's decor. You want the photography piece and decor to complement one another, not clash. If you have a room that requires ornamentation, plan the general aesthetic you're going for before purchasing the items you're going to use to liven it up.
  • Large-scale photography prints require careful consideration before simply placing them anywhere. Not only does the piece need considerable space to fit in the room, but it also needs to suit the environment. A large print needs an even larger room to avoid looking too cluttered, and the decor should be minimal too. Less is more when larger images are in a room since you don't want the environment to become too busy.
  • Photography prints as wall art are generally conversation starters. Keeping this in mind will help you place your pieces accordingly, as some works of photography or art may be personal. Otherwise, situating them in common social areas, including a dining or lounge room, makes for some refreshing dialogue over its context.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you flawlessly execute placing large-scale photos tastefully.


About Mireille Art Gallery

Based in Broadbeach, the Mireille Art Gallery offers unique and breathtaking works of art for all environments. Some of the pieces you can look forward to gazing at include landscapes, people, wildlife, and Macro photography.

Are you looking for an incredible piece of work to transform your space? Contact us to learn more about the artworks that we have available for your viewing pleasure.